No mandate for uranium – Greens call for public inquiry

Greens uranium spokesperson Jamie Parker MP has condemned the NSW government for today overturning the 26 year moratorium on uranium exploration, saying the government has no mandate for uranium mining.

"The government may claim that this is only about exploration but it is absurd to separate this legislation from potential future mining. The community does not support uranium mining and over the coming months the government will hear this loud and clear.

"The O'Farrell government did not take this policy to last year's election and the public will be horrified that it has overturned this important socially and environmentally responsible protection.

"The Premier originally ruled out lifting the moratorium on uranium exploration and now we have a complete u-turn.

"Uranium mining does not have a social licence in NSW and the government should respect that.

"The Greens are calling for a comprehensive independent inquiry into the impacts and implications of uranium exploration and mining.

"This is just the first step which the government hopes will lead to uranium mining.

"In light of the recent anniversary of the Fukushima disaster, it is astonishing that at both the Federal and State levels, governments in Australia are opening the way for increased uranium mining and the risky export of radioactive materials around the world," Mr Parker said.

More information: Jamie Parker 0418 428 089

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