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  • Martin Barr-David
    commented 2016-06-04 03:40:41 +1000
    Seel Mike Baird’s house & keep the proceeds for the state to use, see how he like that.
  • Martin Barr-David
    commented 2016-06-04 03:38:53 +1000
    Maybe sell off Mike Baird home, & see how he like it, then keep the profits for the state.
  • Mary Coupe
    commented 2016-05-31 19:33:25 +1000
    This museum belongs exactly where it is
    There are plenty of items in stock to supply a new museum in Parramatta.
    Once again, the developers have their sights on
    this spot.
    Some cultural jewels should be spared from this greed.
  • Betty Candy
    commented 2016-05-31 18:12:49 +1000
    Baird has done enough damage to this city & state. No more bowing and scraping to your developer donors.
  • Paul Leopardi
    commented 2016-04-19 21:54:45 +1000
    When the Smithsonian opened the Udvar-Hazy Center they did not close down the Air and Space Museum in the Mall in Washington DC to turn it into apartment blocks and casinos. Why does Sydney need to do this now?
  • mark lloyd
    commented 2016-04-19 18:18:38 +1000
    Unbelievable decision. The Baird govt want the site for their developer friends, not the people.
    What is there for tourists, both local, interstate and overseas to do now in Sydney with children on a wet day?
    What other great cities dont have a science museum in the city? Could you imagine the UK moving the science museum 40 minutes out of London, or the famous museums in Washington, Paris, Berlin be moved out to the suburbs?
    Shame on your Baird, the sooner you are gone the better for Sydney
  • Harold Bruce
    commented 2016-02-20 09:49:06 +1100
    The Powerhouse museum is a landmark building in Sydney like the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Please don’t destroy this great institution that has been part of Sydney for over 160 Years. Give Parramatta their own Museum but leave the Powerhouse alone
  • Helen Rushton
    commented 2016-02-20 07:54:30 +1100
    It so central when you visit Sydney especially on School excursions for rural kids keep it where it is and build the appartments at parramatta
  • Kathryn O'Flynn
    commented 2016-01-22 14:39:50 +1100
    If the museum is to be moved to the west then use the site for affordable housing. There is too little affordable housing near the CBD.
  • Jo-Ann Carmody
    commented 2015-10-16 11:52:39 +1100
    I thought there were enough new High Rise Apartments in Sydney!
  • Paul Ripke
    commented 2015-07-10 11:20:50 +1000
    Culture, education, science, history, engineering… Long term investment in our country’s future, vs short term cash in hand.
  • Robyn Williams
    commented 2015-07-07 23:48:20 +1000
  • Laura Dowsetthill
    commented 2015-03-10 22:49:49 +1100
    Ridiculous. I developed a love of the world, science and history from my PowerHouse visits as a kid. As a teacher, I have enjoyed taking my students there to also learn about the world and inspire them. I had hoped to take my own kids there one day. This is just money grabbing at the expense of our history and children with no thought to the implications and lose. So disappointing. Combined with talk of privatising the electrical sector and sale of the Malabar headlines, it’s just depressing.
  • Julian Conway
    commented 2015-03-05 10:49:06 +1100
    Sydney used to be such a wonderful, cosmopolitan city. Now with venue lockout, the murderous killing of live music by apartment dwellers and focus on Casino and apartment development, it’s turning into a gaudy wasteland. Save the PowerHouse museum, stop the apartment developers!
  • Dimity Holt
    commented 2015-03-04 10:39:19 +1100
    This is such a silly solution moving such a wonderful piece of history. Stop the GREED leave a piece of cultural history alone. Parramatta will be the beginning of the end such a wonderful place of learning and wonders.
  • Paul Leopardi
    commented 2015-03-03 22:40:53 +1100
    The reason the museum is in Ultimo is its connection with the old Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences and Sydney Technical College. It would be a pity for ut to move to a place where its historical roots are less firm.
  • Sarah Alekna
    commented 2015-03-03 06:30:22 +1100
    Powerhouse better of staying where it is.. .what tourist would travel 40 mins on train/bus out west to parra to go visit it when they know its in the city.. And where exactly in parra is it going….. The west dosnt need it. Its mainly for tourist and some locals. We western ppl dont mind travelling to city. Think of the tourism……
  • Marlene Marinkovic
    commented 2015-03-02 08:27:09 +1100
    Didn’t want the Opera House.
    Took the trams out.
    Now this. It’s more of the same mindset.
  • Irene Tognetti
    commented 2015-03-01 23:44:29 +1100
    Do not sell Powerhouse Musem as it is shortsighted.
  • Fabrizio Zito
    commented 2015-03-01 13:16:13 +1100
    How many more overpriced, inflated strata,poorly developed projects do theses self interested souless developers want??
  • Julie Blewitt
    commented 2015-02-28 22:24:31 +1100
    Selling the Powerhouse Museum for apartments is vandalism and reeks of greed and ignorance. Why do we have to suffer from incompetent government at both state and federal level?
  • Frederick Green
    commented 2015-02-28 13:11:42 +1100
    Forget the cultural assault on a heritage and educational legacy. The rationale is: Hold another fire-sale of irreplaceable infrastructure – to fund… infrastructure (and follow the aspirational vote)??

    Come on, Mr Baird, we are actually not so stupid as to take neo-liberal rationalisation of your friends’ freebooter rapacity for enlightened governance.

    Displays poor attention in civics class. Must do better. Or will fail to achieve a pass next May.

    Fred Green, Annandale
  • Marie Cowling
    commented 2015-02-28 07:21:44 +1100
    Hands off!
  • Christina Sumner
    commented 2015-02-28 00:42:25 +1100
    PS. Regarding the cost implications of moving the Powerhouse Museum collections, both on display and in storage, I would be very interested to see a realistic estimate for moving the iconic Number One Loco, the Boulton & Watt steam engine, and the great Catalina flying boat …..
  • Christina Sumner
    commented 2015-02-28 00:34:07 +1100
    Although I wholeheartedly support a substantial increase in arts and cultural resources for the people of Western Sydney, this should and must NOT happen at the expense of one of central Sydney’s long-established and much-loved cultural institutions.

    The Powerhouse Museum is the principal venue of the Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences and has been connected to its place in the Ultimo area since the 1890s. There, in the intervening 120 years or so, the Museum has built its unique character, a staggeringly interesting collection, and a broad local, interstate and international visitor base. The Museum’s essential identity and its many existing visitor communities, not to mention its skilled, knowledgeable (and recently-restructured) staff, cannot survive the proposed demolition and relocation of the Museum without serious and irrevocable damage.

    What on earth are Premier Baird and his government colleagues thinking of – and who has the Premier’s ear? You cannot move an established museum, its people and its collections, without destroying the intangible nature and beating heart of the institution itself. Presumably ‘it’s the economy, stupid’, but who exactly will reap the economic gain?

    Has anyone yet attempted to assess the ACTUAL cost and the time it will actually take to demolish the Museum, move its collections, and rethink and create something entirely new, in a new building? Has Premier Baird – or anyone – reflected on the awful waste of recently-expended public funds that will result? Consider for example the millions invested in Dr Dawn Casey’s ‘Revitalisation’ project a bare five or six years ago and, in only the last 18 months, Rose Hiscock’s courageous and extensive revisioning, restructure and renewal of the Museum and its exhibition spaces?

    Premier Baird, can we please please leave the Powerhouse Museum alone and allow it to continue flourishing as an established and integral part of Sydney’s cultural landscape.

    Premier Baird, can we please please design and create a brand new museum specially for the people and communities of Western Sydney, a museum that’s envisioned and built with them in mind, to meet their particular needs, host their conversations and spark their dreams.
  • Walter Sloss
    commented 2015-02-27 23:31:27 +1100
    This is just bizzare.
    How could you think of selling off these buildings.
    Are the developers going to retain working steam engines?
    No, I donn’t think so.

    These buildings are not the assets of any government to sell off, they are the assets of my children and all future generations.
    Wally Sloss
  • Harold Bruce
    commented 2015-02-27 22:01:08 +1100
    Leave the Powerhouse Museum where it is and let Parramatta build their own Museum. Don’t let the developers take over this Public place.

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