A 10,000-strong petition against coal seam gas will be debated in the NSW Parliament today, with residents calling for the cancellation of all existing unconventional gas exploration licenses in the Northern Rivers region.

Greens MP Jamie Parker will present the petition and speak in support of the community movement which has seen massive rallies, marches and blockades opposing mining in the region.

“It’s inspiring to see such a strong consensus emerge in steadfast opposition to this damaging industry,” Mr Parker said.

“Coal seam gas has no social licence, with local farmers, business people and residents across the political spectrum uniting to highlight the dangers of this industry to water, biodiversity and lifestyle.

“Evidence of the devastating and long-lasting damage created by this industry continues to grow, and residents are right to unite against it.

“CSG threatens the biodiversity, water resources, and agricultural and sustainable industries of the people of the Northern Rivers region.

“We must stand up for our environment and safeguard it for the future instead of allowing powerful mining companies to exploit our resources and leave a polluted legacy in the soil, water and natural environment.

“Communities across NSW are uniting against coal seam gas and other damaging mining to protect the land and environment on which we all depend. 

“These dedicated campaigners are to be congratulated for their resolve in highlighting this important issue.

“The government must listen to the 10,000 voices on this petition - they are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to community opposition to this harmful industry,” Mr Parker said.

 The petitioners are requesting that the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, encompassing all river catchments from the Clarence River to the Tweed, be declared a coal seam gas (CSG), tight sands gas and unconventional gas mining free zone and that all current licenses and or leases that allow any such activity be revoked and no such new licenses or leases be granted


June 20, 2013 at 12pm

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