MEDIA RELEASE - January 21, 2016
In welcoming today’s announcement that an additional 90 peak-hour services per week would be added to the Inner West Light Rail, Jamie Parker MP, Member for Balmain, said the extra capacity provides the perfect opportunity for the long-awaited inclusion of light rail in the School Student Transport Scheme [SSTS].

“The Government has so far refused - due to capacity issues on the Inner West line - to allow students to use SSTS on light rail even if it is their most direct route to and from school,” said Mr Parker.

"However there is now no excuse for the Government to continue to exclude school student travel on the light rail.

“It is not surprising that less than two years after the Inner West Light Rail extension opened, capacity has been extended. I was a fierce campaigner for the extended line because this is an environmentally-sound and efficient transport option that reduces road congestion and makes our city more liveable.

“Along with many inner west residents, I have been advocating for increased capacity to address peak hour demand and extending the SSTS to include light rail. Inclusion of light rail in this transport scheme is supported by students, parents, teachers and P&Cs.

“For many students, light rail is the most direct route to schools such as the Sydney Secondary College campus at Blackwattle Bay in Glebe. These students are forced to pay, or take much longer to travel in over-crowded buses. More students travelling on light rail will help to reduce road congestion and bus overcrowding.

“Thousands of school students and parents have signed my petition. I have addressed the matter directly with the Minister for Transport and his staff. Now is the time for the Government to act,” said Mr Parker.

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