NSW Greens Support Well Planned Sustainable Development

I believe that the NSW Planning Minister’s ability to call in developments or to refer them to planning panels must be restricted, so that local communities have a real say in decisions that affect the way they live.


Rather than the onus of proof being on the community to oppose unsuitable developments, the developer must establish that a development does not damage local amenity, heritage, environment or transport and infrastructure facilities.

The Greens are getting the balance right by consistently opposing unsustainable overdevelopment such as the Iron Cove Bridge extension, the unfeasible Metro, and the Tigers’ massive rezoning, while facilitating appropriate development on Leichhardt Council. 

During the last year in my role of Mayor of Leichhardt Council, the Greens have presided over 93% of applications being approved by Council, and are doing more to map and streamline Council processes by rewriting all of our planning controls, making for innovative change in the near future. Leichhardt Council is also well ahead of state government targets for the provision of new dwellings.

Locally Jamie Parker and the Greens on Council are developing a masterplan for Callan Park, are continuing to protect our precious waterfront by advocating for a masterplan for White Bay, and are actively campaigning against the Lend Lease land and sea grab at Barangaroo and the huge overdevelopment at Harold Park.

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