NSW uranium exploration imminent as Minister spruiks for business

Uranium exploration in NSW is one step closer with Energy Minister Chris Hartcher today expected to outline the process for uranium exploration licences, in a keynote address to the International Uranium Conference in Adelaide.

Greens uranium spokesperson Jamie Parker MP said:

"The Liberal government continues to force a uranium agenda on NSW which the public does not support.

"The NSW government overturned the 26-year moratorium on uranium exploration without any public consultation or consideration of the industry's devastating health, environmental and social impacts.

"The government claims this is about exploration, not mining, however the Minister is spruiking NSW as open for business at the uranium industry's international conference.

"The government is deceiving the NSW public if it claims it does not plan to eventually mine for uranium.

"Before the Minister starts spruiking NSW as a uranium state open for business, the government should fully consult on the process it has developed to manage uranium exploration.

“If the government was confident of public support for uranium exploration, it would back the Greens' call for a comprehensive independent inquiry into the impacts and implications of uranium exploration and mining," Mr Parker said.

More information: Alison Martin 9230 2803 or 0432 941 533

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