One Vote, One Value

Votes are for people, not corporations

The NSW government is working with the Shooters Party to strip your voting rights in Local Council elections. They have passed legislation in the lower house that delivers two votes to every corporation that runs a business, owns a property or leases a premises in all major centres across NSW.

These laws fundamentally undermine your rights as a citizen by effectively halving your vote, and are another example of the Coalition selling democracy to the highest bidder. 


Jamie Parker says: “This bill literally steals the votes of the 10,000 residents of the City of Sydney who live in my electorate of Balmain and won’t forget what this Liberal government has done to them.

“By giving property and corporations the vote this bill takes our electoral system back more than one hundred years and erodes the fundamental principle of one person one vote.” 




Dear Premier

I stand with the Greens in their call to repeal this undemocratic bill.

Yours sincerely,

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