Protect our Opera House

The Premier has capitulated to Alan Jones, forcing the Opera House to become a cheap advertising
billboard for the horse racing industry.

Disappointingly, Jones’ campaign to commercialise this iconic building was also backed by NSW Labor.

This decision sets a dangerous precedent for NSW. We need long term protections for our iconic public assets.

Add your voice to the call to protect the Opera House. Some things just should not be for sale.


Dear Premier,

Our Opera House is not a billboard for sale. We the undersigned call on you to rule out commercialisation and uphold the independence of the Opera House Charter.

Who's signing

Harry Stiles
Serge Martich-Osterman
Refkele Hoogervorst
George Havens
Noelene Bearns
Carolyn Ienna
Elizabeth Farina
Kevin Baum
Helen Keyworth
Maria Soria
Michelle Cameron
Tanja Olsen
Kealan Coleman
Cherie Wang
Heath Reed
Nicole Philps
Bernard Mooney
James Blyde
Edwin Dawson
Gina Pronesti
Isabelle Hesse
Simone Hall
maryellen flynn
Wayne Duncombe
Nicola Walker
Mervyn Payne
Katena Tsouroulla
Josephine Perret
Maria Degabriele
Vivien Clark-Ferraino

Will you sign?