Opportunity dashed for genuine community decision on Great Ideas

NB_Bays_TransformPlan.jpgMEDIA RELEASE - OCTOBER 22 2015
Commenting on the release of The Bays Precinct Transformation Plan on Thursday, Member for Balmain and Greens spokesperson on urban growth, Jamie Parker MP, said the promotional video and 80-page brochure are reminiscent of an episode from the satirical comedy series, Utopia.

“The computer generated vistas and full-page diagrams are certainly colourful, like the fictional TV series, but the plan is light on detail for housing density, mass transport options and recreational spaces to play,” said Mr Parker.

“It is remarkable that on the eve of UrbanGrowth NSW releasing the Transformation Plan for community consultation, the Premier announces that White Bay Power Station and Glebe Island will become a technology precinct. This is eerily reminiscent of the then-Treasurer’s announcement on the eve the 2014 International Summit that 16,000 homes would be constructed in Bays Precinct despite earlier promises that Bays Precinct was a “blank page”.

“The community can rightly feel let down. Consultation UrbanGrowth-style is again shown to be a box that needs to be ticked, not genuine engagement with all stakeholders.

Over 200 “Great Ideas” have been put forward for the Bays Precinct. For the historic White Bay Power station proposals included a  Green power park, a science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) centre, a Arts Hub but the Premier has made it clear that it is his preferred outcome before the “Great Ideas”  have even been made public.

“The Labor opposition should also rule out their incredulous call for a metro line. Labor has zero credibility following the expenditure of half a billion dollars on the Rozelle metro line which was abandoned in 2010 without a single metre of track being laid.

"The immediate  answer for moving people around and making the inner west more liveable is extending light rail into White Bay and Balmain,” said Mr Parker.

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