ABC TV Art Nation Profiles Greens Leader Bob Brown Nature Photography

With less than 3 weeks left until election day we thought we'd take a brief moment to step back and consider the bigger picture of what the Green's stand for and the kinds of open space parks, wilderness and nature areas we want to protect for current and future generations not just in NSW but across Australia.

In the video below ABC TV's Art Nation producer Emma Watts met Greens leader Bob Brown on top of a Tasmanian mountain to talk about his passion for nature photography.

My photography is focused on snapshots of community events taken with my iPhone and shared on Twitter and Facebook to let residents know where and when i'm representing them such as the Generator Arts Forum in Leichhardt with Marcus Westbury and Save Glebe Post Office Rally.

Jamie Parker at Save Glebe Post Office Rally

My friend and fellow Greens member Neerav Bhatt who is in charge of all things digital (web, photography, video etc) to do with my campaign to be elected as the member for Balmain, can be found in his spare time walking around Leichhardt and surrounding suburbs taking photos of our man made and natural highlights such as the photos below:

Rainbow Lorikeets in Leichhardt

Bay Run - Sunset - Runner Silhouette

Norton Street Leichhardt Italian Festa 2010

Huge Beautiful butterfly - Leichhardt, Pioneers Memoral Park

Where are your favourite photography locations in our neighbourhood?

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