The NSW Liberal government is proposing to drastically change the planning laws, which will remove many of the rights of residents to have a say in developments that directly affect them.

 Greens MP Jamie Parker is hosting a public meeting to ensure residents are informed about what the changes will mean for them

When: 7pm Thursday 8 August 2013

Where: Annandale Town Hall - 79 Johnston Street Annandale

Speakers include:

Corinne Fisher from the Better Planning Network (a coalition of over 300 community groups working for better planning laws) and Cerin Loane from the Nature Conservation Council.
RSVP: 9660 7586 or [email protected]

 Greens MP Jamie Parker said:

 “The changes will mean up to 80% of all development applications can be approved in 10 to 25 days without any community notification or input.

 “For decades Labor’s corrupt planning system held this State in its thrall, running on developer favours while sidelining residents and genuine planning.

“The Liberal government was elected on the promise of reforming Labor’s disastrous system however the proposed changes show that Premier O’Farrell intends to make it even worse.

“Under the changes, residents’ involvement would be limited to up-front strategic plans and there will be almost no avenue to appeal against controversial or inappropriate developments, including apartments and houses in their own street.

 “Council’s ability to protect heritage and diversity would be removed and there is no mention of environmental considerations such as planning for climate change.

 “I will continue to fight for appropriate development and the rights of residents to have a say in planning,” Mr Parker said.


July 30, 2013 at 12pm

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