Over 300 signed on to save live music at the Annandale

Over 300 people have signed on to support keeping live music at the iconic Annandale Hotel for the long term. The petition, started by Greens MP Jamie Parker and Leichhardt Councillor for Annandale Daniel Kogoy, calls on the receivers to do everything possible to save the hotel from developers. 

Greens MP Jamie Parker said:

"A thriving live music venue contributes far more to a community than a pokie den.

"We need to be working with local pubs, cafés and restaurants to ensure the viability of live music venues.

"I've been in contact with the Rule brothers and am committed to working with Council to ensure we're doing everything we can to support local businesses and musicians.

"I am seeking a meeting with the receivers to discuss anything that I can do as the local State MP to ensure we save the hotel from being developed at the expense of live music," Mr Parker said.

Leichhardt Councillor for the Annandale ward Daniel Kogoy said:

"I am fighting to protect the Annandale Hotel, including advocating within Council to improve the viability of the pub as a live music venue.

"It was a terrible mistake for the previous Labor and Liberal led Council to take the Annandale Hotel to court, almost sending it bankrupt.

"When the Greens were running council, we worked closely with the Rule brothers and community to ensure its development application was approved so live music could continue to thrive.

"The Annandale Hotel is Sydney's great live music pub. Often when I tell people I'm from Annandale, people's eyes light up and they start talking about great nights at the Dale.

"The introduction of pokies into pubs by the Carr Labor government has almost killed off live music in pubs.

"It's an absolute disgrace that Labor killed off so many great live music venues with the introduction of these mind-numbing and wallet emptying machines that disproportionately affect the working class," Cr Kogoy said.

Sign the petition: http://jamieparker.good.do/save-the-annandale-hotel/save-the-annandale-hotel/

More information: Alison Martin 9660 7586 or 0432 941 533


February 19, 2013 at 12pm

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