Parker Welcomes Integrated Fares For Light Rail

14 June 2011 - Greens MP for Balmain Jamie Parker has welcomed the government's announcement that fares for the inner west light rail will be integrated with the public transport fare system.

"I have been campaigning for this change for some time. In May I gave notice of a motion in the parliament calling on the government to "integrate the light rail into the public transport ticketing system (and) arrange for concession card holders to travel on the light rail at a concession rate."

"I am pleased that the government has responded positively to this call. It will make light rail a more viable transport option for residents in Balmain, in particular concession card holders who until now have been excluded from obtaining concessional fares on the light rail.

"I am disappointed that the concession travel has not been extended to public school students in the seat of Balmain.

The public high school that serves the seat of Balmain is the Sydney Secondary College, which has junior campuses at Balmain and Leichhardt and a senior campus at Glebe. Students are required to commute across the electorate to attend their local state high school. For many of these students the most convenient form of transport between their home and school is light rail.

I will continue to campaign to ensure that those students have the same access to the light rail system as they currently do to public buses for travel between home and school. Getting students off buses and onto light rail will reduce morning and afternoon congestion on roads in the seat of Balmain which will help reduce travel times and improve local air quality."

Further information: Chris Holley 0450 340 435

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