parking permits denied

Jamie  has expressed his concern at the reduced number of on-street parking permits being issued to teachers at the Balmain Public School.

The newly formed Inner West Council has informed the school that the number of permits will be reduced this year from 18 to only six.

The reduction in permit numbers will also cause disruption within the teaching day as teachers have to leave the school to seek new parking spots for their cars.

Teaching staff are often not local to the area. As a result, walking and/or catching public transport are expensive and time consuming additions to an already very demanding and challenging job.

“This is a completely arbitrary decision which robs the school of the flexibility it needs for both staff and visitors to the school”

“I join the parents and staff at the school in their efforts to press the Council to reconsider its arbitrary decision and allocate a more reasonable number of permits to the BPS staff,” said Mr Parker. “The council needs to negotiate in good faith with the school to ensure that a fair amount of permits are allotted.

“We are concerned that the teaching staff at BPS will be disadvantaged significantly by this proposed action. It appears an unwarranted change to their current parking arrangements and an unnecessary distraction from their primary task – that of teaching our children. The reduction in on-street parking permits will likely cause considerable angst within the school staff and disruption within the teaching day,” said Robert Bennett, President of the school’s Parents and Citizens Association.

More information: Jamie Parker 0418 428 089

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