Parramatta Road plan in detail

UrbanGrowth NSW's Strategy and Implementation Tool Kit for Parramatta Road have now been finalised and adopted by the NSW Government. What will this mean for your area?

What is the plan for Parramatta Road?

The Strategy and Implementation Tool Kit for Parramatta Road have now been finalised and adopted by the NSW Government.

The Strategy does not rezone land but will be given statutory force by a Ministerial Direction under section 117 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

The Strategy will accommodate 27,000 new dwellings across the Parramatta Road corridor over the next 30 years. 

This is yet another gift for developers in the inner west, with a miserable commitment to affordable housing, no new green open space and absolutely no commitment to any additional public transport such as light rail on Parramatta Road. Without this the government is simply proposing more crowded residential towers with poor transport connections.

The strategy also increases the areas under threat by at least 50% in the Taverners Hill precinct, imposing large scale developments of up to 8 storeys in residential areas. It's nothing more than a green light for a developer invasion of suburbs adjoining Parramatta Road, from Granville to Camperdown, and it takes place at a time when local residents have even less say in future developments as their councils have been sacked. 

However, there is still an opportunity to overcome the worst excesses of this plan. Development applications will have to be submitted to local councils, and with the election in September, there is an opportunity to ensure our local representatives are strong supporters of appropriate and sustainable development.

We're absolutely committed to ensuring that Parramatta Road is renewed in a sustainable way that protects what's special about our community. 

Which areas are affected by this plan?

Parramatta Road, land adjoining and at least one block back from the Road, and eight growth Precincts identified by UrbanGrowth NSW. The Parramatta Road Corridor spans 20 kilometres from Granville in the west to Camperdown in the east.

Eight 'precincts' were identified to be the focus of growth and renewal within the Corridor. They are: Granville, Auburn, Homebush, Burwood-Concord, Kings Bay, Taverners Hill, Leichhardt

I own a property in one of these areas. How will this affect me?

If your property is located within the Corridor and is identified for future land use changes, and the required infrastructure is in place, then a land owner or council can initiate an amendment to the Local Environmental Plan to rezone properties.

Where can I find detailed information on the plans for my area?

Download detailed plans for your area here:

Taverners Hill

See all the infrastructure plans in more detail (best viewed in Adobe Reader)

If you would like to talk to Jamie about any of these issues, please don't hesitate to get in touch via our office on 9660 7586 or by contacting us online here.

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