Paving The Future For Parramatta Road (Inner West Independent)

Homebush might be the White Elephant of Sydney, but for sheer neglect, not much in this fair city beats Parramatta Road.


This major transport corridor, stumbling under the constant burden of cars, trucks, smog and noise, represents a turn-off in more than the literal sense. Yet under the State Government’s Metropolitan Strategy, which is currently undergoing review, the entire Parramatta Road corridor is envisaged to support some 150,000 new dwellings by 2031, with the inner west accounting for some 30,000 new dwellings and 10,000 new jobs.

What will such an outcome look like?

Leichhardt Mayor Jamie Parker is one who will welcome the call for greater consultation. “With the election of Fiona in Marrickville, we’ll both be working together to look at developing a strategy for Parramatta Road,” he said. “Obviously there’s a blossoming which is taking place on Parramatta Road – photography studios and wedding shops in particular, and we want to work on ways that we can try and improve and develop that precinct.”

“The issue with Parramatta Road is not so much about density, but more about about liveability and amenity. Over the years, it’s become a huge funnel for traffic, which has then reduced the capacity of shoppers to stop, and also, because of the sheer volume of traffic, made it very difficult for residents. One of the things we need to do is look at how we can introduce planning controls which over time, lead to consolidation, and allow opportunities for more viable development to take place.”

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