Charter for better planning in NSW

Planning laws need to create liveable, sustainable and welcoming communities for current and future generations.

The Greens have a plan for a planning system that works for people, not the big developers:

  1. Make planning laws address climate change 
    Introduce rules so that all planning decisions - from apartment blocks to new coal mines are made with a climate impact assessment.

  2. Increase the urban tree canopy 
    NSW must commit to an increase in urban tree canopy, setting a target in excess of 40% cover in low and medium density areas and over 30% in high density areas with a focus on native vegetation and biodiversity.

  3. Make developers pay their fair share
    NSW should adopt the ACT’s model of levying 75% of the land value uplift created by rezoning decisions. Sharing that wealth – estimated to be $8.2 billion per year – means more basic infrastructure like parks, schools and libraries. 

  4. Higher sustainability and accessibility standards for new buildings
    Local Development Control Plans must require new development to apply the highest building sustainability index (BASIX) and green star ratings so new buildings are equipped with passive cooling and heating, minimal water consumption and local renewable energy generation. 

  5. Put decisions back in the hands of local communities  
    Local communities need to be empowered to determine priorities for land use and development controls, not state based planning panels.

  6. More social and affordable housing 
    Stop the privatisation of public land. Public land should be for public purpose and any redevelopment on public land should prioritise social and affordable housing. 

  7. Protect and celebrate heritage 
    Once the heritage significance of items and areas have been identified we must ensure they are properly cared for, especially sites that are culturally significant to First Nations peoples. 

Click here to view our full plan to reform planning in NSW.

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