Ask the Environment Minister to ban plastic bags

An incredible 50 million plastic bags each year make their way into our environment after being blown from bins and landfill sites.Tens of thousands of birds, whales, dolphins, seals and turtles die every year as a result.

Later this month, NSW Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton will attend the annual national Meeting of Environment Ministers.

Jamie has written this letter to Minister Upton in asking her to announce at the meeting that NSW will become the next state to ban single use plastic bags.

Can you join in by signing the letter?

Dear Minister Upton

It’s been ten years since Australia’s environment ministers met and decided action was needed to remove plastic bags from polluting our natural world.

Since then, over a billion plastic bags have been littered. They’ve ended up on beaches, in national parks, in the ocean and most damaging of all, in the stomachs of marine creatures such as turtles and whales.

On the 28th of July you will be attending the annual Meeting of Environment Ministers with your counterparts in the other States and Territories.

Minister Upton, will you announce a ban on plastic bags at the meeting?

Queensland, ACT, Northern Territory and South Australia have already banned single use plastic bags. Public support for a ban on single use plastic bags in NSW is at an all time high.  

Will you take the lead in making NSW the next state to take this vital step?

Thank you so much for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Who's signing

John Doherty
Lola Davidson
Stephen Birbeck
Rachael Mullane
Henrietta Chow
Luci Keeley
Lisa Smajlov
Mandy Jones
Rowan Lyon
Fiona Byrne
Sue Virago
Gabrielle Ranaldi
Bradley Christmas
Frances Yule
Gail Mensinga
Adam Taylor
Jac Amala
Elissa Dwyer
Michael McDougall
Anne Corbett
Bonnie Cassen
Matthew Thompson
Justine Mercer-Moore
Ben Summers
Gabryela Potrykus
Robert Mann
Gregory Wilkinson
Tanya Excell
Richarda Christian
Fasha Steen

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