Polling reveals widespread opposition to coal seam gas

Rally against coal seam gas mining: Sunday 18 September 11am Camperdown Park

A new poll by Galaxy Research has revealed widespread opposition to coal seam gas in Australia.

Greens MP Jamie Parker says the nationwide poll provides support to Sydney's inner west residents, who have already voiced strong opposition to coal seam mining.

"Local residents are rightly concerned about coal seam gas. Dart Energy plans to drill in St Peters and the coal seam gas industry has admitted that extraction will inevitably contaminate aquifers. This could affect a number of surrounding suburbs," said Mr Parker.

The poll found 70% wanted coal seam gas mining prohibited in cities and towns. In NSW 74% supported a moratorium on coal seam gas mining.

"It's important that we maintain strong community opposition. I will continue to campaign against coal seam gas mining in our local area and more broadly – it is completely inappropriate for residential areas," said Mr Parker.

Mr Parker is encouraging people to attend this Sunday's rally and march against coal seam gas, organised by Sydney Residents Against Coal Seam Gas.

"The Greens will keep the pressure on Premier O'Farrell to rule out coal seam gas mining in cities and towns."

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