They said we couldn't do it

Despite all the political machines, the naysayers and the cynics you helped make history in Balmain, again! 

We made history in 2011 with the first Greens MP elected to the lower house of parliament, and we just confirmed it was no fluke. 

Without you we could not have achieved this fantastic outcome.  Jamie_and_Jenny_front_page.jpg

On primary votes we experienced a swing of over 6% to The Greens.  This is despite the ABC's projected margin being 0.4% following the boundary adjustments in the 2013 electoral redistribution.

The Greens topped the count in just about every polling booth and we won traditionally conservative booths in Birchgrove, as well as former ALP strongholds like Glebe Town Hall and Peter Forsyth Auditorium.

And it is even more exciting that I will be joined by two other Greens MPs from Newtown and Ballina.  Check out some of these numbers...


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