Last chance to make a submission to free hens from battery cages once and for all.


To the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines review,

I write to ask that the Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Poultry be amended to include a nationwide ban of battery cages and cruel farming practices including but not limited to debeaking, forced moulting, and food and water deprivation.  It is unacceptable that these animals have been condemned to a life of cruelty and exploitation just for the production of cheap eggs.  

The Australian public refuses to allow these cruelties to continue and it is time that the standards reflect that.  

Good animal welfare is a combination of physical and mental wellbeing and natural living. None of these are currently being granted to egg-laying hens. They need space to move, nest and behave naturally. 

So I ask you, please join the ACT, Europe, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Canada in banning the battery cage, debeaking and other cruel farming methods and help improve the lives of millions of hens all around Australia.

Kind regards,


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  • Sarah Neal
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    Sarah Neal
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