Save White Bay Power Station

The White Bay Power Station could be Sydney's answer to the Tate Modern in London - but this government just announced that they want to flatten it instead. 


Every other global city is embarking on projects of visionary urban transformation for heritage waterfront sites like this. In London, the Tate Modern was transformed from a historic waterfront power station into the #1 tourist attraction in the UK. 


Our White Bay Power Station is on prime publicly owned waterfront land, minutes from the CBD and holds exactly the same potential. It should be transformed not torn down. 


Sign the petition to tell the Premier to save White Bay Power Station. 


To the Premier - 


Our city desperately needs an innovative vision for public spaces not just a plan to build more waterfront apartments that monster the foreshore and lock up Sydney’s harbour for the exclusive use of the rich. I support the preservation and restoration of the White Bay Power Station - not it's demolition.

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Morgan Newall
Robert McGinn
gretchen gamble
Jane McKernan
Xenia Iona
Kelly Wearmouth
Judy Singer
Henry Gray
Megan Clarke
Lily Peschardt
Robert Algie
Kris Garrett
Mitchell Gooley
Joelle Patten
Mckenzie Willis
Laura Cunningham
Richard Ng
Marzena Kiera
Agnieshka Kiera
Harold Stone
Frank Portegys
Joanna Colliver
Graeme Sparshott
Monica Sinclair
Amanda Burns
Frances Orr
Dean Morelli
Mandy Lamkin
Karen Eldridge
Adam Geczy

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