Premier O’Farrell refuses to withdraw asylum seekers slur

Greens MP Jamie Parker MP has condemned Premier O’Farrell for misleading the NSW Parliament by referring to asylum seekers as illegal.

“During a debate on 457 visas, the Premier claimed that asylum seekers are illegal, and then failed to withdraw the incorrect statement when I confronted him on the floor of the Parliament,” Mr Parker said.

“Premier O’Farrell knows that this is simply a term used to generate animosity and resentment towards asylum seekers.

“It is even more disgraceful that Mr O’Farrell should refuse to withdraw a false and damaging statement.

“It is grossly irresponsible for Premier O’Farrell to deliberately mislead the Parliament and the people of NSW, pandering to community fears by demonising vulnerable people.

“I would have expected more from the Premier and am disappointed that Mr O’Farrell failed to withdraw the lie when I called him out.

“People fleeing persecution have a lawful right to enter Australia to seek asylum. Frankly I’m sick of political leaders taking these cheap shots at asylum seekers.

More: Alison Martin 9660 7586 or 0432 941 533

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