Progress on Callan Park

Earlier this month, I took a delegation of local representatives to meet with the Minister for Environment to talk about finally securing the future of Callan Park. 

We received strong commitments against allowing any development and the offer to work collaboratively on plans for the future of the site.

We’ve made progress in our campaign, defeating development proposals by the former Labor government and recently won a landmark assurance from the Environment Minister that the government will not permit residential or commercial development on the site.

I am committed to:

  • Establishing a fully funded Callan Park and Broughton Hall Trust with strong local representation to preside over long-term planning for the site.
  • Protecting the park’s tranquil heritage landscape from overdevelopment.
  • Ensuring the return of modern, humane health services to the site.

The absence of apartments on Callan Park today is evidence of our success to date. The fate of Callan Park still hangs in the balance but I’m determined to secure the future of the site once and for all.

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