Crisis in public high school capacity years in the making

MEDIA RELEASE - September 11, 2014   

After years of neglect by Labor, the Liberal state government is now compounding the problem with its continued failure to bring forward solutions to the capacity problem.  

"The data in today's Sydney Morning Herald article is not new," said Jamie Parker MP, Member for Balmain. "In my electorate alone there is a projected increase of 1000 students over the next five years.

"I have long been campaigning with school communities and whilst consultation is necessary and desirable, there is real concern the government has used this process to delay bringing actual solutions to reality.
"Only targeting selective schools for reform lets the government off the hook. We should not create an excuse for the government to discharge its responsibility to address this problem by attacking selective schools.
"Balmain and Blackwattle campuses of Sydney Secondary College are at 100% capacity, along with several public primary schools. Parents are facing the agonising choice of separating siblings because public primary schools in the Balmain electorate are shrinking boundaries and limiting intake. The lack of government planning is making life harder for families.
"The data is very clear and has been for too long. We need new public high school capacity on both sides of the Anzac Bridge.
"The time for talk is well and truly over. The government must urgently acquire the land for a new school and get on with the job of building it," said Mr Parker.


For further comment from Jamie Parker: Lesa de Leau 0413 581 603

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