Public housing review

The NSW Government has asked the Independent Pricing and Review Tribunal of NSW to undertake an independent review of social and affordable housing rent models.

They are calling for submissions on a review of how rents are set for social and affordable housing tenants in NSW.

IPART’s recommendations will be provided to the NSW Government in June 2017. They are accepting submissions to the Issues Paper until 16 December 2016.

IPART are looking at:

- The affordability of rent

- How easy it is to understand how rent is set

- How much flexibility and choice tenants have

- The incentives for tenants to find paid work

- The equity of the system – eg, will households in similar circumstances receive equal assistance

- The efficiency of the system – eg, will it better meet the needs of the community and tenants, and deliver appropriate assistance to those who need it?

- The financial sustainability of the system.

- You can read the full terms of the investigation here.

Let the government know the arrangements for public housing tenants need to be fair by signing our submission to the Tribunal here.

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Re: Review of Social and Affordable Housing Rent Models

Dear Chair,

I am writing to express my strong view against any increases in rent or increases to financial contributions from public housing tenants. Public housing tenants are already on low incomes, and any additional costs will only increase the hardship faced by many.

I ask you to consider this submission when making your decision about the levels of rent paid by public housing tenants. Government should be investing in public housing to ensure that properties are well repaired and that there is more housing available so that people in need can receive help.

Yours sincerely,

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    Public housing tenants are already on low incomes, and any additional costs will only increase the hardship faced by many.
  • signed 2017-02-16 11:10:13 +1100
    There should not be any increased costs for tenants.
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  • signed 2016-12-27 14:57:20 +1100
    ERZSEBET Feher, My house is in a complete disrapair, due to neglected maintenance. Half of the house got no electricity. I think I should actually get a discount, not a raise
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    We naturally feel very insecure with any LNP government living as we do in an upmarket suburb, constantly expecting to have our place sold for profit and us moved forcibly to the far West.

    Any reassurance as to our permanency of residence will ensure our vote.

    Some think we have it good however on the full range human needs it is still very difficult living on a pension.
  • signed 2016-12-13 09:51:50 +1100
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    I think the rents should not go up. Its difficult enough as it is to afford food, electricity and essentials. I have not been able to afford to set up a home business as the rent costs too much and i cant go out to work because of my disability. I do not see that the housing situation is getting better for anyone. They are moving people out of sites and not building new housing stock. Too many people are on the wait list for many years. As Housing NSW is not doing much in the way of repairs and letting many estates fall into disrepair i feel this is criminal. I have had to take Housing NSW to the tribunal to get essential repairs done and i will have to do it again. Very disappointed. I see too many homeless people living across the road from me and they need to be housed
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