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James Gorman
, journalist Inner West Courier - Inner City edition page 9 December 22, 2015

IWC_p9_22Dec15.pngBALMAIN state Greens MP Jamie Parker will use a City of Sydney comprehensive Inner Sydney Registry to incite State Government change to help curb the city’s homelessness crisis.

The new survey was established in response to a 15 per cent increase in rough sleepers between August 2014 and August 2015 reported in the City’s biannual street count.

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The registry reports large numbers of people living without a home at a time when rents are outstripping personal finances and a social-housing shortfall spells 10-year waits for homes.

Mr Parker said the comprehensive report would provide the framework for tackling the city’s growth in homelessness.

“This registry is really important and it’s a really good source of information to work with,” Mr Parker said. “This is exactly the kind of information policy makers need, detailed information that can be used to bring about change.

“From my perspective advocacy about homelessness is about more than just providing houses, it is about providing the right kind of accommodation for the right person and this registry is going to make a big difference.

“This registry will allow us to not group people together but instead look at the situation from an individual perspective so we can deal with the situation one person at a time.”

Of the 516 surveyed almost all were in need of affordable housing or support.

Click here for information from Homelessness NSW

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