Renewable energy's bright future: community-based solar for the Inner West

Greens MP Jamie Parker has announced a renewable energy project which will give Inner West residents the opportunity to invest in a community-based solar energy installation.

“I’m delighted to have initiated this project to work with residents, local stakeholders and renewable energy experts to develop a community-based renewable energy model which will provide tangible evidence of the viability of a renewable energy future for Australia.

“Our vision is to build a large group of small-scale local “shareholders” who will invest in a solar installation located within the Balmain electorate.

“Ideally, we’d like to see this rolled out as a blueprint for community owned and operated renewable energy in communities across NSW.

“This project is not meant to replace the critical advocacy work that so many climate groups and activists are undertaking however I believe it is important that we build practical models to challenge the current energy system and build the 100% renewable campaign.

“The Renewable Energy Inner West project is part of the campaign to create a 100% Renewable NSW. We aim to empower local communities to become an integral part of our shared vision for a renewable future.

“Our message is that a 100% renewable energy future is not only possible and affordable, but essential. Together we can make this vision a reality - I believe we can build a renewable energy future through advocacy and practical action in our own communities.”

Media contact: 0432 941 533

Inner West Courier: Solar project's bright start

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