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IWCMay19.jpgPublished May 17, 2016 - Deborah FitzGerald

Submissions on the Parramatta Rd renewal strategy show 30 per cent of people want less traffic but there are no clear plans for transport along one of Sydney's most hated corridors.

UrbanGrowth NSW has released an outcomes report after receiving more than 3700 submissions, but detail around transport outcomes is vague.

The report says 24 per cent of people listed better public transport was what the corridor most needed and 12 per cent of all feedback related to public transport. But the report says UrbanGrowth will give the information to Transport NSW without any recommendations for light rail on the corridor or upgrades to existing public transport options.

Strathfield state Labor MP Jodi McKay has called on the State Government to prioritise transport ahead of residential development.

Ms McKay said development at Homebush should be frozen until the light rail route from Parramatta was decided.

"We also want light rail down Parramatta Rd and those decisions should be made ahead of any rezoning or development," she said.

 "Why would you rezone an area which could give developers quadruple the price for their land only to have to buy it back to accommodate public transport?

"Sydney Motorway Corporation, Transport NSW, UrbanGrowth and the Olympic Park Authority need to talk to each other."

Balmain state Greens MP Jamie Parker called on the Government's property development agency to abandon its plan to develop the precincts of Camperdown, Leichhhardt and Taverners Hill.

"It's not surprising the report says the majority of feedback opposed the proposed heights and density of development," Mr Parker said.

"Community and council feedback quoted in the outcomes report included concerns about the loss of employment land, risk to existing open space, impact on heritage areas, impact on local streets, as well as scale and density of development."

A Sydney Motorways Corporation spokesman said the Government had already conditioned at least two dedicated public transport lanes on Parramatta Rd, or an alternative public transport solution in the area that is superior to that option.

"UrbanGrowth NSW provided the feedback it received from public consultation to Transport NSW to inform its current phase of work, which includes more detailed transport planning for Parramatta Rd."

He said the Sydney CBD to Parramatta Strategic Transport Plan outlined a framework for more bus, train and ferry services.

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