Residents Rally for White Bay (Balmain Village Voice)

People power reared its head in Balmain yesterday in the latest episode of a mounting campaign against the State Government’s plans for White Bay.

More than 200 people braved a wet Sunday morning to rally in opposition to the Bailey’s boat refuelling station and passenger cruise terminal planned for the White Bay wharves.

The Government has signed a lease with Bailey’s Marine Fuels for a 24-hour facility while Sydney Ports Corporation has released plans for a permanent cruise ship terminal and function centre.

Brandishing balloons and banners reading “Bye Bye Verity” and “Master plan not disaster plan”, a procession of residents and local politicians snaked along Darling St before converging on Ewenton Park, a grassy amphitheatre adjacent to the Bailey’s site.

Robert Harrison, a local resident dressed head to toe in a skeleton suit, said the White Bay developments would mean “the death to Balmain”.

The impeding state election became the central theme of the rally.

“There is an election campaign in March (next year) and the Labor is looking wobbly,” Leichhardt Mayor Jamie Parker, the Greens candidate for the seat of Balmain, told the rally.

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