Rozelle Interchange detailed design released

Updated plans for the Rozelle Interchange were released last week revealing the path the tunnels will take as they weave and overlap below Rozelle, Lilyfield Annandale and Leichhardt.

Residents can see the precise tunnel route, properties that sit within the zone of influence and tunnel depths here

Homes which sit within the identified ‘zone of influence’ of the tunnel may be impacted. I'm concerned that:

  • The government will compulsorily acquire land beneath properties in the area without offering compensation or an appeals process;
  • The shallow depth of tunnels increases the risk of serious, permanent damage to homes as well as ground noise and vibration; and
  • The current proposal ignores the experience of residents in Strathfield who have seen huge cracks form through their homes as contractors burrow to build the M4 East.

Join our public meeting on the Rozelle Interchange on Sat 2 Nov at Leichhardt Town Hall. RSVP here.

Comment from Jamie Parker MP: 

“It defies common sense to think that you can build a spaghetti junction less than 10 metres underground and not impact people’s homes.

“These tunnels are designed to be shallow to give motorists a smoother drive despite the increased risk this poses to people’s homes on the surface.

“When the government prioritises driving experience over the structural integrity of properties they make it crystal clear that they work to serve tollway companies, not residents.

“Residents can have zero confidence in the assessment panel or the process for compensation. If the government was serious about a fair compensation process they would allow residents to access satellite data on ground movement free of charge and not force them to rely only on property condition reports.  

“Global experience of tollway construction has demonstrated that projects like WestConnex increase air pollution, fleece road users with exorbitant tolls and don’t solve traffic congestion problems.

“I’m calling on the government to increase the depth of this junction to reduce the risk of damage to properties, to expand the number of properties eligible for compensation and commit to installing ground movement and vibration monitoring for all homes.

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