Rozelle Village Win!

Breaking: Former Balmain Leagues Club site development refused by the Court. Today our community had a great win in the Land and Environment Court. See my live video to hear the news. 

Today our community had a great win in the Land and Environment Court. 

The former Balmain Leagues Club site has been subject to many development proposals. These were refused in 2010 by the Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP). Then in 2014, 24-storey towers were refused by the Planning Assessment Commission. 

In 2015 another application was lodged with the JRPP for one 12-storey and one 10-storey tower plus a huge supermarket and specialty store. The developer chose to take this application to the Land and Environment Court. Today the court slammed the proposal and refused the application.

View the court's decision here.

I was a member of the Leichhardt Council on that shameful day in 2008 when Labor voted with the Liberals to grant a massive increase in development for the site.

That vote opened the door for a huge over-development. Despite that decision I've been working hard to get a good development outcome for all parties.

This refusal vindicates the work of the community over many years. I am committed to working with the community to ensure only appropriate development is approved.

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