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Published November 11, 2014 - Sarah Sharples, reporter

141111GlebeCommunityDevelopmentProjectHEAD2.jpgJamie Parker MP attacks funding cuts to the Glebe Community Development Project, a joint-venture project between the University of Sydney and Housing NSW which aims to increase social cohesion at Glebe and Camperdown public housing. 

THE Senate has passed a Greens motion calling on the NSW Government to reverse its policy of selling public housing and continue funding the Glebe Community Development Project.

Balmain state Greens MP Jamie Parker has been fighting against funding cuts to the project, which was established in 2004 as a partnership between the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Education and Social Work, and Housing NSW.

The project works with residents and organisations to increase social cohesion at Glebe and Camperdown public housing.

Mr Parker said the defunding of the project was a mean-spirited attack on public housing residents who had greatly benefited from the project.

“The majority of the Senate can see the importance of these issues, but the NSW Liberal government seems blind to social justice and diversity in our community,” he said.

Last month, Camperdown public housing tenants met Housing NSW representatives to discuss concerns about its cuts to funding of the project, which ran a coffee drop and an OzHarvest food delivery that helped struggling people.

A Housing NSW representative said the department wanted to continue supporting the programs in any way it could despite the withdrawal of funding.

But Mr Parker said the project’s funding would cease at the end of December.

He was concerned there would be no contingency plan worked out and the programs would end.

Meanwhile, NSW Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon said there was a lack of housing affordability in Sydney.

“The 1970s Green Ban imposed by the NSW Builders Labourers’ Federation was a historic win for the communities around Glebe and The Rocks, and it is sad to see that the same communities are again under threat,” she said.

“The Greens put this motion before the Senate to win federal support for the Glebe community that is again rallying against another Liberal government.”


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