Save Sydney nightlife

The NSW government recently announced sweeping changes which will impact significantly on the vibrancy and diversity of our nightlife, while failing to properly address the very real problem of alcohol-fuelled violence.

Both Labor and the Liberal Coalition want to dramatically change Sydney’s nightlife by introducing a range of reforms which will:

 -Threaten live music and performance;
 -Negatively impact on small businesses and their workers;
 -Unfairly target young people, especially those who can’t afford to drink in expensive small bars.

Instead, the Greens are proposing a package of measures that promote evidence-based, socially equitable solutions. This includes 24-hour transport, regulating alcohol advertising and promotions, better enforcement of RSA and risk-based licensing. You can read the detail here.

Join our campaign to save Sydney Nightlife and support genuine action on alcohol-fuelled violence. 


Dear Premier,

I am writing to add my voice to the campaign supporting Sydney nightlife and calling for effective, evidence-based action on alcohol-fueled violence.

I believe the changes announced recently will impact significantly on the vibrancy and diversity of our nightlife including our live music industry, while failing to properly address the very real problem of alcohol-fueled violence.

I am calling on you to reconsider these laws and commit to genuine reform s which will address alcohol-fueled violence, instead of threatening our live music industry and unfairly targeting law-abiding patrons.

Thank you.

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Donna Maegraith
David Williams
Ian Edwards
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Angela Donaghey
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Vanessa Bradshaw
Jean-Paul Markarian
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