Community petition: Stop the privatisation of Callan Park

The government has just announced that they want to dismantle the Callan Park Act - the law that has protected Callan Park from sell-off, privatisation and commercialisation for over two decades.

The changes are part of a wide-ranging proposal to commercialise parklands across Sydney including Centennial Parklands, Parramatta Park, Fernhill Estate and Western Sydney Parklands.

They would mean that parts of Callan Park can be occupied by private businesses for up to 50 years without any local oversight from the community. 

This will open up Pandoras Box on Callan Park and make it into a glorified business park. 

Before the Callan Park Act, successive Labor and Liberal governments tried to flog this site off for apartments, aged care facilities and any manner of development. 

The existing rules are broad enough allow everything from cafeterias and community centres to the fantastic St Jerome’s Laneway Festival. We don’t need to dismantle the Act to revive Callan Park. 

Sign our community petition to tell the government you don’t want Callan Park privatised. 

To the Minister for Planning: 

The government should be putting money into our public parks, not scheming to extract profits from them.

Dismantling the laws that protect Callan Park will mean a return to the bad old days of private corporations vying to carve off a slice of our park for themselves. 

Don’t privatise Callan Park. 

Read the full media release here.

This petition will be presented by the Member for Balmain and the Friends of Callan Park to the Minister for Planning. 

Who's signing

Jeannine Gardner
Stuart Loveday
Linda Bull
Sarah Louise
Heather Brookes
Andrew Hall
Laura Oxley
Melanie Booth
Linda Johnson
Jonathan Arthur
Jakhiir Adhilla
Brendan Hehir
Agnieszka Wilk
Bridget MacArthur
huan xu
Mathieu Dauner
Ebony Wightman
Suzanne Richards
Stephen Whale
Adriana Faugeras
Evelyn Lynch
Lea Tombs
Michael Jones
Andrew Lorien
Rosie Baker
Julia Goyen
Shinead Feehan
Theresa Jackson
Benedict Cooper
David Galafassi

Will you sign?