Save Leichhardt Pool

The government has listed Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre (LPAC) as a potential site for a fresh-air ventilation facility for the new Sydney Metro train project. 

If it goes ahead, the facility would be constructed on the grassy area at the bottom of LPAC.

While this facility will only vent warm air from the electric train tunnels, the construction of this project could threaten Leichhardt Pool. 

As our summers get hotter, we can't risk the shut down of Leichhardt Pool - even temporarily. 

Our city needs more public transport but given Leichhardt Pool attracts over 800,000 visits per year, the government should consider other locations for this facility. 

The good news is that together with the community, we've already been able to make changes to big infrastructure projects in our local area. 

Sign the petition to tell the Minister for Transport to protect our pool!

Dear Transport Minister, 

Our community loves Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre. While our city needs more public transport, we don't want our pool closed to accommodate a fresh air ventilation facility. 

Please reconsider the location of this facility so we can continue to enjoy Leichhardt Pool.

Who's signing

Ruby Owen
Andrew King
Penelope Tooker
Kerry Guthrie
Rosamond Kember
Theresa Jackson
Kathy Mispel
Joe Atkinson
Christina Newberry
Michael Inhelder
Alison Garrett
Linda Mann
Cheryl McCarthy
Michelle French
Gabrielle Brown
Anne McLeod
Voren O'Brien
Renate Gibson
Neil Carrigy
Luke Cassar
Judith Strachan
David Miller
Sue Mason-Cox
Michael Davis
Carol Davis
Janette McLennan
Con Mustard
Nicole Wedgwood
Ken Sewell
Maggie Savolainen

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