Last chance to have your say on former Tigers club development

Architect drawing of Rozelle Towers current DADear Resident,

Submissions on the development application close 5pm Friday 4 December 2015 so please make sure you have your say.

The developer is back with a new proposal for two towers of eight and twelve storeys, 135 apartments, 369 car spaces, large retail area, a proposed pedestrian bridge over Victoria Road. There is also space for the leagues club, but at market rent!

It is yet another over-development of the site that will lead to traffic gridlock, ruin our high street retail and monster the surrounding residents. 

The developer has already taken the application to the Land and Environment Court where it will be determined early next year. 

Your submission to Leichhardt Council is important. It will demonstrate to the Court the strong feeling that exists in the community about this excessive development.

All submissions will be delivered to Council before the deadline. You can find more information on Council's website

I have been working for close to 10 years to ensure that we have appropriate and sustainable development on this site, and I thank all of you who have worked so hard to protect what is special about our community. 

Yours sincerely,





Jamie Parker MP
Member for Balmain

Manager of Assessments
Leichhardt Council
PO Box 45
Leichhardt NSW 2040

Submission: D/2015/438 138-152 Victoria Road ROZELLE

I write to outline my strong opposition to the latest proposal for the redevelopment of the former Balmain Leagues Club site.

There remains an opportunity to clean up the current eye sore, and have a reasonable development of the site but the current proposal cannot be supported for the following reasons:

  • The eight and twelve storey towers are completely out of proportion with the surrounding pattern of development in Rozelle.
  • Surrounding residences and businesses will have unacceptable impacts from overshadowing and overlooking.
  • The enormous scale of the retail component (including supermarket) and 135 apartments will generate traffic volumes that will overwhelm local streets and threaten our main street businesses.
  • There is no guarantee that Balmain Leagues Club will return to the site.
  • There is no guarantee the pedestrian bridge will be constructed.

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  • Sean Corrigan
    signed 2015-12-08 22:52:55 +1100
  • Jan Rasmussen
    signed 2015-12-08 12:01:45 +1100
    I am against the proposed development at the Tiger’s site. It is an overdevelopment on the site, and I don’t believe it will do our local area any good. The shops are already struggling. The Locals would lose privacy along with sun light and the overbearing so called development should possibly be approved next door to where the Premier lives, rather than us. In addition to this, it would affect the local primary school in relation to noise and sun light and we already have 3 major shopping centres in close proximity to Rozelle – that being Birkenshead Point, Broadway and Leichhardt Shopping Centre. In addition to this, I would suggest that there should be some sort of investigation into any ‘relationship’ between the developments (past and present as some of the developers are no longer part of the current development group) and government and industry as there are rumours regarding so called relationships and this should be further investigated and either found to not be true or be referred onto relevant government investigation agency.
  • Mary Carter
    signed 2015-12-07 08:00:33 +1100
    I grew up around the corner from the Balmain Leagues Club, so enjoyed it many times over the years. My father and brother were life members. I do not agree with the development described in your article. While I agree it is far too big for the area, I would like to see some type of hotel accommodation there. I am appalled that there is no supermarket at Rozelle, and have worried over the years that the reason council hasn’t put one in is because of opposition from greedy local restaurant and cafe owners. Growing up there was a Franklins on the corner of Victoria Road and Darling Street. In this economy alot of people in Rozelle cant afford the restaurants and cafes, or they don’t bother because parking is such a huge problem for the area. So I would vote for a smaller development, with a supermarket included. No cafes or restaurants as there are plenty in the area already (every second business along the Darling Street strip) and a small club for entertainment, and drinks. Go Tigers…….don’t let our culture die in the area where it was born.
  • Minaka Nagai
    signed 2015-12-07 00:19:04 +1100
    We do not want development in Rozelle. The traffic is bad as is now at that intersection.We have plenty of unique retail shops on Darling street and there is no need to have Mega supermarket and shops in our community.

    Please do not avoid community opinion.

  • Paulette Maroun
    signed 2015-12-06 12:36:39 +1100
    Not for large developments in a village style Rozelle it kills the culture and atmosphere.
  • Judith Shouldice
    signed via 2015-12-06 11:25:09 +1100
  • Marco Giavitto
    signed 2015-12-05 16:05:20 +1100
  • Jane Mowbray
    posted about this on Facebook 2015-12-05 11:04:47 +1100
    Sign the petition: Rozelle Submission
  • Jane Mowbray
    signed 2015-12-05 11:04:22 +1100
    This development is completely unsympathetic to the people of the area and geography and architecture of the area. It will make traffic problems worse. It appears to be designed to make money for a small number of people.

    I agree with the words “It is yet another over-development of the site that will lead to traffic gridlock, ruin our high street retail and monster the surrounding residents.”
  • Belinda Giles
    signed 2015-12-05 03:39:17 +1100
  • Karen Hyams
    signed 2015-12-04 18:23:12 +1100
  • Felix Carlyle
    signed 2015-12-04 17:47:25 +1100
  • Christopher Matthews
    signed 2015-12-04 16:57:42 +1100
    The design of the slipway into the carpark will mean traffic entering the shopping centre carpark will have an obscured angle view of pedestrians and bike riders as the car approaches the footpath crossing. it will only be a matter of time before a pedestrian or bike rider are hit at high speed. the large volume of high speed bike traffic on the footpath that heads west each night will be an accident waiting to happen.

    The loss of public amenity and compromise of public assets, i.e. victoria road congestion, to allow private profit, is a travesty of the planning process.

    Considering over $250 million dollars of public funds were spent building a new bridge at Iron Cove to speed up traffic, how will the public be compensated for the total negation of this road initiative?

    The lack of compromise on the overscaled commercial component of the project demonstrates the contempt of the developers to the community of Roselle. There will certainly be no Rozelle Village if it is allowed to be buillt.
  • Julie Livingstone
    signed 2015-12-04 16:54:21 +1100
    The residents do not require this development as it will

    impact our area with congestion and become too commercial for the traditional landscape of Rozelle.
  • Jennifer Bastin
    signed 2015-12-04 16:36:45 +1100
  • Felix Carlyle
    signed 2015-12-04 16:34:28 +1100
  • Mark Wallis
    signed 2015-12-04 16:20:33 +1100
  • Richard Lie
    signed 2015-12-04 16:18:09 +1100
  • Rebecca Jenkins
    signed 2015-12-04 16:14:33 +1100
    This redevelopment will look ridiculous! It is way to high, and out of pre portion with the rest of the block and area, just looking at the draft plan you can observe this. Once this plan is HOPEFULLY not passed, however if the greedy Council approve this monstrosity it will be re submitted with additional changes for further height again. Rozelle and Balmain do not need this sitting on this site.

    How will the Leagues Club return to this site, how possibly can the afford market rent here? If the Council do close Leichhardt Oval for games, affordability will definitely be out of the question.

    This redevelopment is an eyesore!
  • David Stevenson
    signed 2015-12-04 16:04:01 +1100
    The scale of this development is completely at odds with the area and should not be allowed to proceed
  • Howard Mitchell
    signed 2015-12-04 15:59:38 +1100
    To many extra residents without infrastructure – roads, public transport, schools and parks to support them.
  • Gary Leahey
    signed 2015-12-04 15:40:46 +1100
    The proposed towers are too high, too wide and located on the wrong site.
  • Brian Aldridge
    signed 2015-12-04 15:27:02 +1100
    The scale of the development was intended for the sydney metro – this project no longer exists, therefore the whole premise of the building needs to be re-thought DOWN to current reality, not a previous vision that no longer, and will not, exist.
  • Joan Greenwood
    signed 2015-12-04 15:26:20 +1100
    This huge influx of people will increase traffic problem on Victooria Rd
  • Samantha Grant-Vest
    signed 2015-12-04 15:11:24 +1100
  • Emma Sedgwick
    signed 2015-12-04 15:07:50 +1100
  • Robert Sullivan
    signed 2015-12-04 15:06:18 +1100
    Please listen to the concerns of the residents. Low rise is the only solution – the Council has already proposed a solution of this nature that is a win/win for everyone. The proposed development should not have high towers in any part and certainly not at the top of a ridge line. Neither does the proposed development add to the social amenity of the suburb
  • Ben Lawrence
    signed 2015-12-04 14:55:17 +1100
  • Peter McDonald
    signed 2015-12-04 14:45:51 +1100
    Dont really care about a leagues club, but the overall scale of the project is excessive. And traffic through the Darling St / Vic Rd intersection, which is currently terrible, will only become abysmal.
  • Carmel Brady
    signed 2015-12-04 14:39:46 +1100