Shocking pics reveal Rozelle smoke stack

The Environmental Impact Statement released by the government for the WestConnex Stage 3 tollway shows the shocking scale of the proposed exhaust smoke stack off Victoria Road in Rozelle.

As well as being a huge eyesore, this proposed smoke stack could be dangerous. 

A smoke stack is a chimney that carries unfiltered, polluted air from road tunnels into the outside environment – in this case, into the densely populated streets of Rozelle. 

The more pollutants in the air we breathe and the longer we breathe them, the greater the risks to health. There is no level at which air pollution is completely safe, especially for more vulnerable people, children, and the elderly.

It’s vital we let the government know that we simply won’t accept this polluting, ugly exhaust smoke chimney in our community. I’ll continue to advocate in the community and in Parliament for the entire WestConnex project to be stopped.

I've compiled more detailed information on smoke stacks here.

Please join in our community submission on the Environmental Impact Statement for WestConnex Stage 3 here.

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  • Giuseppina Bartolo
    commented 2017-11-06 11:26:35 +1100
    These stacks are not acceptable. The WestConnex does not solve our transport needs- it just creates more problems. I want safe, sustainable solutions to getting around Sydney. More public transport and better bicycle infrastructure.
  • Mike Hawthorn
    commented 2017-10-13 16:56:50 +1100
    “unfiltered, polluted air from road tunnels into the outside environment”… so what are all the cars on Parramatta Road doing right now… and all at ground level!

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