Media Release: Glebe and Eveleigh social housing redevelopments shortchange the public

The government's announcement of two social housing redevelopments in Glebe and Eveleigh are designed to open up valuable public land to private development rather than to maximize the development of new social and affordable housing say NSW Greens MPs, Jenny Leong and Jamie Parker.

Jenny Leong MP - Member for Newtown and NSW Greens spokesperson on Housing says

"Our communities recognise there is a deepening housing crisis across Sydney, and would welcome the redevelopment of these sites to increase public housing and the availability of homes that people can afford.

"As the impact of the pandemic is growing daily, we need to ask why the NSW Liberal National government is still selling us all short by planning to privatise 70% of these redevelopments which are on valuable public land.

"We need government investment to deliver more high-quality public, social and affordable housing in the inner city for those who desperately need it - we need a government that respects public housing tenants.

"If this development proceeds, it is crucial that there is at least 10% Aboriginal owned and controlled social and affordable housing on this site so that those Aboriginal families who have such strong social and cultural ties to the area are able to afford to stay living here.

Jamie Parker MP - Member for Balmain and NSW Greens spokesperson on Planning says

"There is currently 100% public housing across these sites and there can be no justification for reducing that share to just 30%.

"These types of projects have a track record of delivering less social housing accommodation by demolishing multi bedroom apartments and replacing them with studios. These redevelopments also disgracefully continue to segregate residents by income," he says.

Jamie Parker is available for interview

Published 12 November 2020

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