WestConnex Stage 3a Update

We had an astounding 340 local residents turn out to our WestConnex Stage 3a Public Meeting in February. This sends a powerful message to the government and NSW Labor that our community doesn't want this destructive toll-road. 

Our meeting was featured on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald. Read the full article here.

Zone of influence

The NSW Government has set a 50m zone of influence for this tunnel. You can see the interactive map of the tunnel route and those homes which are within the recognised 50m zone of influence here. 

Homes which sit within the identified ‘zone of influence’ of the proposed tunnel route in Leichhardt, Annandale and Camperdown may be impacted. I'm concerned that:

  • The government will compulsorily acquire land beneath properties in the area without offering compensation or an appeals process. 
  • The shallow depth of tunnels increases the risk of serious, permanent damage to homes as well as ground noise and vibration.
  • The current proposal ignores the recent experience of residents in Strathfield, Concord and Homebush who have seen huge cracks form through their homes as contractors burrow to build the M4 East.

July Timeline Update

The M4-M5 Link Modification was approved in February 2019 and tunnelling began at the Western end in Haberfield in March. Tunnelling is expected to be complete in 2023. You can track the progress of this project here

Pre-condition Reports

Residents whose homes are within the 50m zone of influence are entitled to two condition reports before work begins in their area.

The Roads and Maritime Service will notify property owners before tunnelling begins underneath properties and offer a pre-condition report. You are also able to apply for a secondary report from the Inner West Council at this time. It's important to note that pre-condition reports must be completed before work begins in your local area. 

Satellite Imaging Analysis

I’ve been working closely with Otus Intelligence Group to deliver satellite analysis on subsidence along the WestConnex underground route. The WestConnex Action Group have shared some details on satellite reports that are now available for residents, see here.

Given the importance of these reports in creating a causative link between tunnelling and damage to homes, I believe that their cost should be covered by Roads and Maritime Service not individual homeowners and we have written to the Government to this end.

If you haven't signed he petition yet, sign it here. 

If you have friends or neighbours who weren't able to make it to the meeting please feel free to share these resources: 

  • Presentation slides from the day are available for download here
  • The interactive tunnel map showing individual tunnel depths for all properties is here
  • You can sign the online petition here; and 
  • The form letter to The Premier and construction companies is here

I am committed to working on behalf of all local residents to push the government and NSW Labor to scrap this destructive tollway in favour of public transport. I will keep you posted on our progress as this campaign moves forward. 

If you have additional questions about how this project could impact you, email us at [email protected]

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