Leichhardt skate park

The Inner West Council is currently considering a new location for the long awaited Leichhardt skate park. 

I am strong supporter of the proposed Leichhardt skate park, along with the soon to be opened skate park in Annandale (recently completed by the City of Sydney). 

It's important to note that I have not been on the Council for over ten years and I have no say in the decision making process. 

I haven't opposed the location proposed for the skate park. I did not oppose the three options for the skate park location at Callan Park. In fact, the compromise option that was proposed by the government was rejected by the Inner West Council.

Greens Councillors (who do not make up a majority on the Inner West Council) are also not opposed to this location. They support consulting with residents via the usual development application process.

It is really disappointing that the Inner West Council is seeking to use the Liberal state government infrastructure laws (Infrastructure SEPP) which deny residents the usual consultation and submission rights.

I'm hopeful that the Inner West Council will be able to resolve this issue as soon as possible because these facilities are critical for young (and not so young!) people in our community.

Published Thursday 3 December. 

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