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“The committee acknowledges the significant impact these fumes… noise and vibrations have had on the quality of life of the surrounding community.”  Parliamentary inquiry report, February 2015



Earlier this year a parliamentary inquiry found the decision to build the cruise ship terminal at White Bay in Balmain was a “serious error”.


Local residents have been subject to noise, vibrations and pollution, which has been damaging to their health and Jamie Parker has received hundreds of reports from people living near White Bay about unacceptable health impacts whenever a cruise ship is at berth.

Jamie has been opposed to the White Bay terminal since the former NSW Labor government announced its decision six years ago to base cruise ships there, rather than at Barangaroo and he has fought alongside local residents to remedy this toxic legacy of bad judgment by politicians.

Jamie has made significant progress with two major wins for the community:

  1. The draft amendment to the Clean Air Regulation will require cruise ships to use cleaner, low sulphur fuel while berthed in Sydney Harbour from 1 October 2015, and while operating in NSW ports from 1 July 2016.
  2. In the meantime, Port Authority of NSW immediately suspended all overnight cruise ship visits to White Bay until the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has regulated ultra-low sulphur fuel use.

But there is more to do!

A key part of the solution is the installation of shore-to-ship power, allowing ships to plug into the local power grid and switch off their engines while moored. Currently, cruise ships keep their engines running 24/7, creating noise and unnecessary air pollution.


  • Emissions from cruise ships allowed to berth at the terminal contain potentially carcinogenic chemicals and monitoring does not conform to the World Health Organisation’s recommended controls.
  • Ships using White Bay currently use a low-quality fuel that can contain up to 35 times the concentrations of sulphur permitted in North American and European ports.
  • Residents in the area have reported suffering headaches, asthma, sinus problems, sore throats, eye irritation, coughing and lung irritation as a result of the persistent exhaust fumes while ships are docked at the terminal.
  • Two primary schools and a daycare centre are within 400 metres of the terminal.


Show your support. Sign Jamie’s petition to switch off the ships by installing shore to ship power to dramatically cut pollution.

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