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The corruption-fighting efforts of the ICAC are deeply despised by many politicians and their associates.

After exposing corrupt and illegal activities by so many liberal and labor MPs the old parties are seeking to fatally undermine the corruption fighting work of the ICAC.

Labour and Liberal MPs have teamed up to propose sweeping changes to the structure of the ICAC. They must be stopped.

We've already seen the government renege on their commitments to fully fund ICAC and strip it of close to $2 million in funding, leading to the closure of one of the ICAC’s four investigation teams.

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Now they are taking aim at the independent Commission that led the investigations that have so humiliated both the Labor and Liberal parties.

They have agreed to allow the government to hand pick and install two additional Commissioners who could use their majority vote to overrule the existing Commissioner.

This will fatally undermine the independence of the Commission, add unnecessary costs that should be spent on front line investigations and sideline the existing anti-corruption focus of the Commissioner.

Imposed by government

Unlike similar overview bodies elsewhere, the current Commission will not need to concur with the proposed appointments but will have them imposed by the  government.

The Parliamentary Committee on the ICAC is chaired by the hard right Liberal member for Epping who has been a long term opponent of the powers of ICAC.

These changes are opposed by the ICAC and former ICAC commissioner Ipp, and were rejected in the recent review of the ICAC by former judges Gleeson and Mckintock.

Labor and Liberal both hope this will be the killer blow in the power struggle to control the ICAC that will finally bring the Commission to heel.

Public support needed

We need your support! The NSW public is overwhelmingly in favour of an Independent Commission Against Corruption, and now we need to rally to defend ICAC from the politicians.

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