Sugar in School Canteens

NSW's canteen guidelines need to be updated to bring them into line with the Australian Dietary Guidelines, which recommend limiting the intake of food and drink with added sugars. 

I’m determined to improve the health of schools students. I’m working with Dr Kieron Rooney, senior lecturer and researcher in metabolic biochemistry at Sydney University, and Sarah Wilson, author of I Quit Sugar, on this campaign.










Jamie (L) with Sarah Wilson and Dr Kieron Rooney (R)

JOIN OUR CAMPAIGN! We need 10,000 signatures to upgrade NSW's canteen guidelines.

Please download the petition and get your workmates, friends and family to sign it too.


You can read Sarah's op-ed about the issue here.

Below is more about Kieron's work:

Most school canteens are flunking good food test.

Giving a tick to junk foods at schools.

Current school canteen guidelines fail the nutrition test.

Junk food and the school canteen (AUDIO).

Sugar sweetened schools: a supply chain to childhood obesity?

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  • Simon Wood
    commented 2015-02-09 16:50:59 +1100
    I agree with minimising sugar in school canteens. However, I don’t want to print a petition and ask people for signatures in real life. I’d share an online petition with lots of people if there is one.

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