Support Strong Quality Public Education System Because Knowledge Breaks Down Walls

Knowledge Breaks Down Walls - Sydney street art
Photo Credit: Neerav Bhatt

This great example of Sydney street art tells us that "Knowledge Breaks Down Walls". I believe that a strong quality public education system is the best way to impart knowledge to children and young adults.

Well-resourced public schools and TAFE colleges stand at the heart of a successful, cohesive and tolerant society.

I have been a strong supporter of The Greens campaigns for improved funding for public education, for smaller class sizes, better professional development and improved teacher salaries and to stop the sell-off of public school lands.

I recently hosted a meeting at Balmain for TAFE teachers, students and supporters highlighting the attacks on TAFE and the efforts to support vocational training. 

Helping Students with Special Needs
Greens state MPs were crucial in setting up the recent parliamentary inquiry which has recommended a major funding increase for students with special needs.

Defending TAFE
The Greens exposed state and federal government plans to privatise TAFE. They forced the Federal Minister to shelve her scheme to make TAFE colleges compete against private providers for funds.

Defending Schools
The Greens have worked closely with principals, teachers and parents to stop the publication of deceptive school league tables and simplistic comparisons based on test results that give a distorted picture of the achievements of schools and students. The Greens succeeded in amending the Education Act to ban the publication of deceptive league tables in NSW.

Defending Teachers
The Greens opposed the NSW Labor government’s attacks on TAFE and school teachers’ working conditions which have seen working hours increased for full time TAFE teachers, putting many part time TAFE teachers out of work.

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