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Anyone who knows me knows how important Burma is to me. I've always spent a lot of time there, I speak conversational Burmese, and I've been involved in the movement for democracy in Burma for over twenty years. I was a founding member of the Australian Coalition for Democracy in Burma.

Almost a month after the military launched a coup in Burma protest actions are growing across the country and it's difficult to not be able to be there on the ground to help out.

Protesters are braving violence, intimidation and sweltering days to defend democracy against the military.
In my many years travelling to Burma, I’ve worked closely with a volunteer group who provide food and assistance to people living in poverty there. You can see me below in December 2019 on the streets of Rangoon distributing food.

This group have now ramped up their activities to support democracy protesters with food and water but they need our help.

It’s so important that these protesters know they have the support of the Australian community. Providing dinner and a drink for a protester costs about $1 as everything is cooked, packaged and delivered by volunteers.

These activists get such a lift to have a meal handed to them for free while they are on the frontlines of the protest movement. It’s a great way to show that people across the world care about the struggle for democracy in Burma. 

We've set up a fundraising page with the goal of providing 2,000 meals to protestors in the next four weeks. After less than 24 hours we're already half way there.

If you can chip in to support for those who are risking their lives and livelihoods to fight for democracy in Burma please head over to our page:

Yours sincerely, 
Jamie Parker MP 
Member for Balmain

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