Sydney Commuters Dissatisfied With Public Transport (ABC News)

The Greens are campaigning in NSW parliament for high-quality, accessible and affordable public transport across the state.

We have opposed legislation that sells land needed for new transport infrastructure and have called for increased investment in the state’s public transport networks.

Jamie Parker opposed the CBD metro, instead backing expanded light rail and cheaper, more effective CityRail extensions to north-west and south-west Sydney.

Sydney bus and train commuters say overcrowding is still their main public transport concern.

Customer satisfaction surveys for 2010 reveal bus and train passengers rank overcrowding as their number one issue.

Despite efforts by the New South Wales Government to ease the problem, commuters say little has changed over the past 12 months.

One third of bus commuters were left standing at their stop at least once a week because the bus was either too full, did not stop or skipped the run.

read more at ABC News Online: Buses, trains still crowded: commuters

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