Sydney Ferries fares set to increase as IPART recommends deregulation

IPART's draft decision on Sydney ferries fares (2013-16) will mean higher fares for commuters and no guarantee of better services, Greens NSW Ferries spokesperson Jamie Parker MP said.


Moves to deregulate fares on Sydney ferries will mean commuters will ultimately pay more," Mr Parker said.

"This decision allows for the deregulation of fares on the Manly route, leaving commuters at the mercy of private operators who will prioritise profits over service and affordability.

"Under the IPART decision Adult MyFerry1 tickets will increase by over 33% to 2016, meaning a FerryTen ticket which currently costs $44.80 will cost almost $60.

"This decision would remove support for ferry travel on MyMulti 1 and would mean those tickets are no longer valid on ferries, which would impact on affordability, integration and convenience.

"We should be encouraging more people to use public transport, not punishing existing commuters by increasing fares.

"The claim that competition will lead to 'innovation and better outcomes' is a smokescreen for the fact that commuters will pay more for existing services.

"Affordable fares are essential for maintaining and increasing public transport usage, which is good for everyone – ferries provide an environmentally sustainable transport option while easing congestion on roads.

"IPART has acknowledged that this draft decision is just the beginning of further fare increases as it moves toward a model where passengers are paying more.

"I encourage people to make submissions on this draft report so that the message is heard loud and clear: the community does not want ferry fares to increase," Mr Parker said.

Submissions close 12 October 2012 and can be made online:

Current Adult Single MyFerry1: $5.60
Forecast Adult Single MyFerry1 in 2016: $7.48 (based on 7.5% increase year on year).

Current Adult MyFerry1 TravelTen (FerryTen): $44.80
Forecast Adult MyFerry1 TravelTen (FerryTen) in 2016: $59.83 (based on 7.5% increase year on year).

Contact: Alison Martin 9230 2803 or 0432 941 533

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