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Dear Premier,

After years of cost cutting, rising fees, privatised training and job losses, TAFE needs an urgent plan to safeguard its future. TAFE is under threat  by your government’s budget cuts and privatisation agenda. Combined with years of neglect under Labor, NSW is now looking at a future without TAFE.

I urge you to commit to funding TAFE as an essential public provider of vocational education and training.

Yours sincerely,

Who's signing

Jennifer Barron
Mark Stariha
Vicky Panas
Cath Blakey Councillor
Carolyn Ienna
Maria Soria
Ben Naftzger
Dean Hampstead
Michelle Warren
Josephine Perret
Kealan Coleman
Sylvia Sagi
Alison Rochford
John Clark
maria Nugent
Beverley Wooding
Judy Schneider
Johanne Gallagher
Jeffrey Irvine
Catherine Bateson
Kaye Greenleaf
Felicity Tilley
John Thomson
Janene Porter
Kate Kiely
Wendy Kain
Eloise Chandler
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