Heritage project realised on Darling St

After almost a decade of campaigning the Telstra Exchange project is finally nearing completion, creating a beautiful new public square in the heart of Balmain

Thank you to everyone who signed our petition, those who contacted their local councillors over the years and all the wonderful campaigners from the Balmain Association for their tireless work.

The ugly front portion of the Telstra Exchange building has now been removed revealing the heritage facade of the historic Balmain Post Office and making space for a green wall and public seating area. Read more here.

In particular, I want to thank Greens Councillor Rochelle Porteous who overcame opposition from the Mayor to ensure a resolution passed to maintain the allocation of funding for this project.  

Our local area is rich with beautiful heritage items like this and it is fundamental that the Inner West Council work to protect and champion them. 

As phone technology progresses we look forward to more of the building footprint being returned to the community.

I’ll continue to work with the council to encourage more positive local projects like this.

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